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How Credit Unions Work. Step 1 Join a credit union and become a member and an owner.

Welcome to Central Missouri Community Credit Union’s, Educate U

From Orientation to Post Grad we will be with you each step of the way. The financial decisions you make today will have a long term impact on your life. Graduate from Educate U with the right skills to manage your financial happiness.

Winner winner, chicken dinner!!

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Incentive Drawing's

We offer a variety of courses, split into four playlists. Each playlist offers an incentive upon completion. To be entered into a drawing, complete any of the playlists. You must login to Educate U to be eligible for the drawing. Once you have completed the modules you will need to submit a drawing registration form (this will only appear after all modules have been completed).  Education U drawing Official Rules

Education U Orientation

Educate U Orientation will help you understand key financial concepts, allowing you to make the best decision when managing your money.

Auto Shop 101 Courses

Educate U Auto Shop will equip you to better manage major financial decisions, and guide you on the road to buying your next vehicle.

Home Ec Courses

When faced with important decisions, the more you know, the better! Educate U Home Ec will give you the KEYS to home ownership.


Post Graduation Courses

You’re full of dreams for the future. Graduate from Educate U with the skills needed to make them a reality.